Corrugated plastic sheets

Corrugated plastic sheets (also known as Corrugated Plastic Cardboard, Coroplast sheets , Waterproof Cardboard , Corrugated Stratocore sheets) are 2 outside flat plastic sheets separated by small plastic beams running perpendicular to them.Manufactured from 100% virgin high-density corrugated polypropylene sheets, resulting in better quality , stronger, more durable, more vibrant colors than recycled\ partly recycled corrugated plastic … Continued

Fruitwrap with cartonplast

CO.VI.L a fruit farm in the south of italy ,experienced difficulties with a new orchard establishment due to the enviromental stress on the young fruit trees planted. The hot and windy conditions of the site along with weed competition meant that CO.VI.L experienced low survival rates of trees planted.weeding by traditional methods also proved costly … Continued

Plastic v cardboard: which is greener?

When considered over the lifetime of the packaging, paper and cardboard embody far more greenhouse gases than their plastic equivalents. From Carbon Commentary, part of the Guardian Environment Network Riverford Organics, one of the largest vegetable box schemes in the UK, has suggested it may move away from cardboard packaging and towards plastic. In this … Continued

Plastic layer pads: a study in sustainability

As a component of unitized loads, plastic layer pads are replacing their paper counterparts, thanks to some benefits that also score sustainability points. By Sterling Anthony, CPP Empty bottles and cans arrive at filling plants in unitized loads, on pallets, arranged in tiers, divided by layer pads. The composition of those layer pads is undergoing … Continued

Carton Plast

  Cartonplast is made of polypropylene and is produced through extrusion method. Cartonplast consists of two flat outer sheets connected, paralleled to each other, by thin vertical plates. Cartonplast sheets are produced in different colors with 2000mm width and a thickness of 2-14mm.The sheets are mainly used in packaging industry and are most suitable for … Continued

Bird house

  Give birds a home. In collaboration with Mr Peter Florjančič we have designed an innovative bird-house. It’s a product we use to help birds when food is not in splendour. At the same time the product serves as a »unique addition« to your home because you can decorate it according to your desires. A … Continued

Specialized cartonplast applications

Cartonplast is a synonym for panels made of corrugated polypropylene. Modern production technologies give the properly chosen raw material many advantages: High mechanical properties; strength, water resistance, elasticity Lightness Redesign/convertibility Production by order; different thickness, density, colour etc. Print, screen printing, digital print 100% recycling and environmentally friendly.   Cartonplast characteristics can be processed with … Continued