About Us

Technology and products change along with other global revolutions. New products are more valuable, more user friendly, & more environmentally friendly.

Having this philosophy in mind and with a firm belief in motto: “No to forest devastation and yes to forest restoration”, founder of Nafis Cartonplast industries established a company in year 2002 in order to realize the said motto by making products which would meet the needs of society better than older common products (including paper and cardboard carton) with their special feature and more desirable quality as well as their non-destructive nature to the environment. Needless to say for production of each ton paper, 15 trees need to be cut down.

Fortunately, with the increase in market demand, the company developed and expand the number of production line in year 2014 and the capacity up to 15,000 tons per year and became the biggest cartonplast producer in Iran and middle east.

Plant of Nafis cartonplast consists of sheet production, quality control and laboratory, printing and die-cut divisions.

The R&D unit of company is located in the industrial city of Rasht. Plant machinery are technologically modern and include: Sheet production machines ( 3 lines of production), 4- color CMYK, 3-color, 2-color and 1-color silk screen printing and world-class digital printing, as well as full and semi-automatic die cut devices.

The graphic and design unit of company, situated in the central office in Tehran, is equipped with digital printing and sample making machines which can meet the needs of customers in the best way in a short time.