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Did you ever know in recent years, %75 of customers decide to purchase a product at the spot in retail?

That's why "advertising" at  point of purchase  has become so important these days As the name, POP advertisement suggests, it refers to a group of promotion which can be found near, on, or next to check out counter range from manufacturing, assembling, design, sampling, printing to many other related field.

Nowadays, this type of promotion(POP) has become so important that many advertising companies have defined and established one special unit to offer consultancy and services on POP.

POP in Iran, has also found its own place. This is all because of endless efforts which has been exercised by sales sector. This is again another emphasis on the concept of sales 3/4 !

The 3/4 Point of purchase phrase means that the third fourth of customer's decision are made at POP.
Current trends suggest that applying POP for promotion has led to a permanent tool for advertising. Retailers are also aware of this concept and invest on POP better, specially if a new product or a special offer is introduced to the market.
Meanwhile, POP designs have become more sophisticated than before. Designers try not only satisfy the taste of the brand owners but also look for more practical applications.
Surely, advertising is effective in attracting customers into stores, but POP strategies play important roles to steer customers attention towards buying the specified products .
Products can be displayed at POP in different ways. Cartonplast displays are perhaps the best example of POP promotions. They are placed exactly at POP and strongly encourage customers to purchase those products.

These displays also bring a new concept to practice as we call it " a small shop within an outlet".
 We, in Nafis Cartonplast, can offer displays less costly comparing to other similar materials. Our displays, attracts many client's attention due to state of art designs and colors.
Moreover, the plastic corrugated sheet we ourselves produce  and the inks we purchase , are specifically tailored to be a perfect match to cover a wide range geographical areas and weather in outdoor conditions.
Our experienced designers and graphic specialist offer various, state of art designs which makes our displays the best sales promotion tool.

In Nafis Cartonplast, we are tailoring 3 types of displays according to brand owner's taste, the market demand, and the applications.
The first category is cut-stand. This display consists of the sheets and the print-on (by fully automatic silk screen printing machine) located in Nafis factory.
It is relatively less costly and has a great impression on customers. Other advantages of  the cut-stands are: being light and fast to be assembled.

The second category is: Shelf edging. This kind of display can place and show the actual product within its structure. The products can be easily replaced and aimed towards being more accessible.
The third category is the counter stand. Common items that may appear in this category are small and year round available, like batteries, candies, chewing gums and CDs and DVDs .