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Cartonplast is made of polypropylene and is produced through extrusion method.
Carton plast consists of two flat outer sheets connected, paralleled to each other, by thin vertical plates.
Corex sheets are produced in different colors with 1600 mm, 2000 mm and 2400 mm width and a thickness of 2-14 mm.
Carton plast sheets are produced in 2 forms of flat flute (S) and corrugated flute (T). The latter is offered for the first time in Iran by Nafis Co.
Corex is mainly used in packaging industry for different industries including: food, pharmaceutical, electricity and cable, valves and household appliances. It’s recently used in manufacturing POP advertisement stands, POP and POS stands and counter stands.
Other applications of sheet plast is for household appliances such as refrigerator rear wall, construction industry such as shed roof cover and concrete form-work, agriculture and horticulture industries to protect saplings and flower cultivating grounds.
The product can be die cut like cardboard cartons and is printed on using silk screen method. Among other features of cartonplast is its high resistance coefficient to physical and chemical factors.
According to customer orders, these sheets are made by Nafis Co. in different forms such as: anti-UV (sunscreen), anti-static (anti-electrical charge), anti-bacterial or nanoplast (anti-microbial and antifungal) and anti-fire (flame resistant). 
Common trade names of the product are Cartonplast , Corex , Coroplast ,Corbiplast
 , Hollow profile sheet & Corrugated plastic sheet .

Cartonplast is:

Resistant to probable bumps;
Resistant to deformation;
Tolerant of a wide range of temperature fluctuations (-15 to 60 'c);
Made from non-toxic raw material;
Highly stable against moisture;
Easily printed on;
Connected by staples (punch), adhesive and hot air welding;
A thermal and electrical insulator;
Recyclable and reusable;
And FDA approved.